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Speak to a Emergency Electrician in your area now. We operate a 24/7 Emergency Electrician in Wakedield telephone service whereby you can get expert technical help for a range of electrical problems that can occur in the home.

Is it a Electrical DIY propblm gone wrong ?

Has a RCD tripped and will nto reset and you do not know what to do ?

Are you planning a Electrical project and need expert advice right now ?

Call us 24/7 for our emergency electrician guidance and technical advice to speak with a qualified Electrical Inspector today.

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Wired A Light Fitting Up Wrong ?

Have you swapped a light switch in your home and now it does not work ?

Have you swapped a light fitting and now the cables are the wrong way round and the light does not work and lights in other rooms ?

Do you need expert electrical advice before you swap a light switch or a light ?

If so call our Emergency Electrician technical help line for expert advice and we can talk you through the process and get you back on!

08007 779 472

Replacing a plug socket?

Everybody like to install an extra socket or two within the home, although the process is straight forward there is several factors that have to be taken into consideration before this simple task is conducted. Speak with one of our expert technical electricians on the subject and they will guide you through the process so the job gets done correctly and most importantly in accorance with the electrical regulations. Our electricians will go through the entire process from start to finish on the phone and make sure the job gets done correctly, by you.

08007 779 472

General DIY Projects?

Are you planning on conducting some DIY electrics and need some advice how to go about it so it is done correctly ?

Do you need guidance on how to conduct an electrical project within the phone and want to do the job correctly yourself but need a little extra guidance on regulations so you do it properly ?.

If so call our expert technical helpline for Electrical advice before you start the project.

08007 779 472

Install your own Burglar Alarm?

Do you want to install you own wired quality branded house alarm ?

Do you want to know what to buy, where to buy it from and how to wire it all up so it works correctly ?.

Our expert electrical advice line will talk you through the process from start to finish so you can save the cost of calling out a Alarm Engineer and you can install a branded professional alarm system yourself.

08007 779 472

RCD Won't reset!

Do you have a RCD on your fuse box that will not reset and keeps tripping off ?

None of your sockets work because the RCD will not stay up ?

Dont know what to do ? Where and how to start to fix the problem ?

Call us now!

08007 779 472

We are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. Need a call out? Then the call is free.